October 14, 2019

How to Beat Argentina in a Staring Contest

Thierry Henry, who had a famous handball in 2009

Hedge funds have just given us a primer on how to beat Argentina in a staring contest. Today the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Argentina to pay holdout debt holders from its 2001 default, including Elliott Management, among others. Ken Parks, Nicole Hong, Brent Kendall and Matt Wirz explain the repercussions in the Wall Street Journal. […]

Argentina Gets Their Own Man of Steel in Hedge Fund

Man of Steel

The only thing Argentina does better than default on its debt payments is find a representative to save them. Argentina gets their own Man of Steel in hedge fund, reports The New York Times‘s Gretchen Mogenson. Gramercy Funds Management is not exactly a household name in the investing world. But in recent weeks it has […]

Are Hedge Funds Good Guys or Bad Guys?

Are hedge fund managers good guys or bad guys?

Who says you can’t change world events? Tell that to Paul Singer, a “soft-spoken” hedge fund manager in New York. Singer’s Elliott Management is among some investor hold-outs in Argentina’s debt restructuring. Although recent news has centered around Greek debt and the hedge funds involved in the hold-out there, there is a much older battle […]

It Takes a Village to Raise a Portfolio Return

The Green Mountains, the location of Ted Cronin's unique family office

George Soros recently turned his hedge fund into a family office. One reason he did is because family offices are often more free to run their businesses with a greater degree of freedom. Less oversight means more discretion in investment decisions. Barron’s Alexander Eule asks Ted Cronin for his best advice for families heading into […]

A Hedge Fund Manager as Comic Book Hero?

Although hedge fund managers are unlikely comic book heroes, Mark Mobius uses the medium to tell his story.

Hedge funds are getting a bad rap in today’s economy. People think they’re riding the recession to the bank or even causing some of the calamity. The truth is more grey and worth looking into. From providing liquidity and capital when it otherwise dries up and making the market more efficient are two plusses they […]

For Women Hedge Fund Managers, Luck Be a Lady

Lady Liberty on a 20th century gold coin

According to James Brown, it’s a man’s man’s man’s world. He certainly was right regarding the management of hedge funds. Much like the financial industry in general, it can feel like an all-boys club. Lisa Du at businessinsider.com sheds some light on women who are making waves – and doing better than their male competition. […]

The Best Hedge Fund Managers Bet Against the World

Steve Cohen, SAC Capital's manager, is among the few hedge fund managers to post gains this year.

The biggest and the best hedge fund managers bet against the world to post gains this year, as the competition reels from losses. Included among the winners is SAC Capital, a $14 billion hedge fund run by Steve Cohen. SAC charges the highest fees in the industry of 3% of assets and 50% of gains […]

Greece is the Word in Michael Lewis’s New Book on Europe

Greece is the word in Michael Lewis's new book on Europe

¬†Greece is the word in¬†Michael Lewis’s new book on Europe and its debt crisis. Michiko Kakutani of the The New York Times gives an excellent summary of Lewis’s new book, “Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World”. Kakutani says Lewis “makes topics like European sovereign debt, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank […]

Asking Blackstone for Money for Your Hedge Fund

Ali Akay sheds some light on asking Blackstone for money for your hedge fund. The former SAC trader is seeking seed money for his hedge fund reports Jesse Westbrook and Saijel Kishan at Bloomberg Businessweek. The hedge fund manager plans to invest in emerging markets. Akay, 34, is in advanced talks with Blackstone to provide […]

Rock Star Is Starting a Private Equity Fund Focused on Africa

Bob Geldof has started a private equity fund focused on Africa

Martin de Sa’Pinto reported in Reuters that former Irish frontman for the Boomtown Rats, Bob Geldof, was starting his own fund. http://bit.ly/oeUhTk After organizing relief efforts from super-concerts, Live Aid and Live 8, the rock star is starting a private equity fund focused on Africa. He is seeking to raise upwards of $1 billion for […]