October 14, 2019

Hedge Funds Living in the Past

Living in the Past

All hedge funds have to study the history of the markets to notice possible patterns in the future. (Though past performance is no guarantee of future results.) Hedge funds living in the past may see trends others miss. Barron’s Eric Uhlfelder reports: Which hedge-fund strategies are working and which aren’t? Fixed-income-related plays continue to set […]

Hedge Funds Get Worthless Research

The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse

If hedge funds get worthless research, why would they pay so much for it? Hedge funds are brokerage houses’ best clients. SAC Capital, for instance, is known to pay some of the highest trading and brokerage fees. In return, they expect the best equity research on the street. Goldman Sachs and other prime brokers often […]

Hedge Fund Startup Is Riding the Social Media Wave

An iPhone screen with social media icons

Institutional Investors should have known better than to invest in Facebook’s IPO. Despite the stock’s comeback since its poor start, institutional investments own only 19% of the shares outstanding (vs. 67% for Apple). Internet companies are dominating the news and one hedge fund startup is riding the social media wave. Tom Wyman has years of […]