October 14, 2019

For Women Hedge Fund Managers, Luck Be a Lady

Lady Liberty on a 20th century gold coin

According to James Brown, it’s a man’s man’s man’s world. He certainly was right regarding the management of hedge funds. Much like the financial industry in general, it can feel like an all-boys club. Lisa Du at businessinsider.com sheds some light on women who are making waves – and doing better than their male competition. […]

The Best Hedge Fund Managers Bet Against the World

Steve Cohen, SAC Capital's manager, is among the few hedge fund managers to post gains this year.

The biggest and the best hedge fund managers bet against the world to post gains this year, as the competition reels from losses. Included among the winners is SAC Capital, a $14 billion hedge fund run by Steve Cohen. SAC charges the highest fees in the industry of 3% of assets and 50% of gains […]

Calpers Plants a $100M Seed in Toronto Hedge Fund

Calpers plants a $100M seed in Toronto hedge fund

Calpers plants a $100M seed in Toronto hedge fund, Breton Hill Capital, reports Boyd Erman at The Globe and Mail. The fund convinced the huge California Public Employees’ Retirement System, the largest pension money manager in the U.S., to invest $100-million (U.S.) in the Breton Hill Eureka Fund. It’s a coup for the firm, and […]

Hedge Fund Managers Say Global Macro Strategies Will Outshine in 2012

Of eighteen competing strategies, hedge fund managers chose global macro have the highest returns next year, reported Mia Lamar in Dow Jones Newswires this morning. http://on.wsj.com/qxIRNc She reported that hedge fund mangers say global macro strategies will outshine in 2012.  “They continue to see Brazil, China and India as the most rewarding regions for investing, […]