January 19, 2019

Hedge Fund Manager Swoops in on Clobbered Netflix Shares

A hedge fund manager has pounced on battered Netflix stock

Hedge fund manager swoops in on clobbered netflix shares, reports John Jannarone at the Wall Street Journal Blogs. Whitney Tilson, hedge fund manager of T2 Partners, has $578,090,000 in AUM, or assets under management. When Netflix shares went on a tear throughout 2009, Tilson shorted the stock, having to take a loss when shares were […]

Who Would Hedge Funds Vote For?

If the White House's job was up for election, who would hedge funds vote for?

If the election were held today, President Obama against Mitt Romney, who would hedge funds vote for? Bloomberg TV addressed the question with a simple answer. President Obama has distanced himself from his big Wall Street donors. Some of those include hedge fund managers who have actively turned to supporting the Republicans. So, who would […]

Gold Bet Turns Sour for Hedge Fund, Paulson

590 Madison Ave, formerly The IBM Building, houses John Paulson's hedge fund.

Gold was a bright spot the past year for investors as markets tumbled. Reported today in The Wall Street Journal, one gold bet turns sour for hedge fund, Paulson& Co. John Paulson, the hedge fund manager, made bullish stock bets that suffered heavy losses in August. His gold holdings kept returns relatively stable for his […]

Greece is the Word in Michael Lewis’s New Book on Europe

Greece is the word in Michael Lewis's new book on Europe

 Greece is the word in Michael Lewis’s new book on Europe and its debt crisis. Michiko Kakutani of the The New York Times gives an excellent summary of Lewis’s new book, “Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World”. Kakutani says Lewis “makes topics like European sovereign debt, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank […]

Madoff Suit Tossed Against Hedge Fund Feeder

Madoff Suit Tossed against hedge fund feeder

A district judge had a Madoff suit tossed against hedge fund feeder firms for Bernard L. Madoff Securities. In a ruling this week, Federal Judge Deborah Batts, dismissed suits against J. Ezra Merkin, the hedge fund manager who funneled investments to Bernie Madoff. Investors in Merkin’s hedge funds, Ascot Partners LP, Gabriel Partners LP and […]

Calpers Plants a $100M Seed in Toronto Hedge Fund

Calpers plants a $100M seed in Toronto hedge fund

Calpers plants a $100M seed in Toronto hedge fund, Breton Hill Capital, reports Boyd Erman at The Globe and Mail. The fund convinced the huge California Public Employees’ Retirement System, the largest pension money manager in the U.S., to invest $100-million (U.S.) in the Breton Hill Eureka Fund. It’s a coup for the firm, and […]

Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Founder “Reflects” on Its Demise

Goldman Sachs hedge fund founder "reflects" on its demise

Asking Blackstone for Money for Your Hedge Fund

Ali Akay sheds some light on asking Blackstone for money for your hedge fund. The former SAC trader is seeking seed money for his hedge fund reports Jesse Westbrook and Saijel Kishan at Bloomberg Businessweek. The hedge fund manager plans to invest in emerging markets. Akay, 34, is in advanced talks with Blackstone to provide […]

3 Reasons to Avoid Gold Like the Plague

The hedge fund manager of Tiberius Group gave 3 reasons to avoid gold like the plague. Despite gold’s surge, Christoph Eibl, manager of the Swiss commodities hedge fund, says the metal should plunge when fundamentals catch up to it, reports Frank Tang at Reuters. Tiberius manages $2 billion in commodities futures, bets on the future […]

SAC Capital Invests in Capital Goods

SAC Capital invests in capital goods, reports Dave Friedman at Wall St. Cheat Sheet. http://bit.ly/p7TP7g SAC is a hedge fund run by Steven A. Cohen in Stamford, CT. The firm has $14 billion under management. SAC Capital’s trading activity accounts for 1% of the daily activity of the New York Stock Exchange. Cohen, one of […]