October 14, 2019

Gun Control News Makes Hedge Funds Unload

Houston Gun Show

The nation no longer has to worry about guns. Following mass shootings last year, gun control dominated the news. Some managers must have felt the heat because they divested of investments in gun companies. The New York Times, known for their unbiased political stances, basically ran the headline, “Gun Control News Makes Hedge Funds Unload.” […]

Trian Tries on Lazard for Size

Trian Partners is bullish on Lazard shares, whose headquarters are Rockefeller Center.

I’d want to own a legendary boutique investment bank. In fact, I can, because Lazard (pronounced “Luh-Zahrd”) went public in 2005 and shares cost $26. But one hedge fund, Trian Partners, wants to own Lazard more than I do (or has more money) because they recently disclosed a 5% stake in the bank. The announcement […]

Hedge Fund Managers Say Global Macro Strategies Will Outshine in 2012

Of eighteen competing strategies, hedge fund managers chose global macro have the highest returns next year, reported Mia Lamar in Dow Jones Newswires this morning. http://on.wsj.com/qxIRNc She reported that hedge fund mangers say global macro strategies will outshine in 2012.  “They continue to see Brazil, China and India as the most rewarding regions for investing, […]