September 21, 2019

How to Avoid the Next Madoff

Bernard Madoff

“Madoff with the Money.” It’s one of the worst puns I’ve heard but it’s one of many book titles about Bernie Madoff and his scandal that robbed thousands of people of billions of dollars. There’s a lot of interest there. Barron’s has timeless advice for a question many hedge fund investors have: How to avoid […]

Is Tory Burch Going Public?

After reports of new investment firms' stakes in Tory Burch, it's likely the company will go public soon.

Hedge funds may want to get in now. Two investment firms disclosed ownership following a lawsuit settlement. With the success of the Michael Kors IPO, investors are hungry for a fast-growing retail company. Is Tory Burch going public? Clare O’Connor of Forbes describes what we know so far. You heard it here first: 2013 will […]

SeaWorld Puts Stephen Schwarzman Under Glass

The Lisbon Oceanarium

This week’s big IPO was an interesting one. After a dearth of offerings following Facebook’s, the private equite firm, Blackstone is taking SeaWorld public. The theme park’s parent, Busch Gardens, was acquired three years ago by Blackstone for $2.3 billion. Since then the firm has increased revenue at the parks while paying itself $610 million […]

Hedge Funds Get Worthless Research

The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse

If hedge funds get worthless research, why would they pay so much for it? Hedge funds are brokerage houses’ best clients. SAC Capital, for instance, is known to pay some of the highest trading and brokerage fees. In return, they expect the best equity research on the street. Goldman Sachs and other prime brokers often […]

Apple Juices Up the Gains of the Biggest Hedge Funds

Apple's inclusion in the biggest hedge funds's basket of stocks has juiced up their returns.

The stock market is on a tear since the beginning of the year. Apple has dominated the headlines by trouncing Wall Street estimates. Its stock has risen 34% in 2012 increasing its market capitalization to over $500 billion. Fortunately for hedge fund managers, Apple makes up some of their biggest stock holdings. Stephen Taub of […]

Baupost Group Founder Between a Rock and Hard Place

A proposed limestone quarry in Ontario, like this one in Virginia, puts the Baupost Group founder between a rock and a hard place with local residents.

Seth Klarman runs the 11th-largest hedge fund with $24 billion under management. He’s not being conservative with that tidy sum under his care. Klarman wants to transform 2,300 acres of Canadian farmland into a limestone mine writes Scott Cendrowski in Fortune. The people of Melancthon, Ontario, however, raise environmental, health, and aesthetic concerns. They say […]

It’s Time for Hedge Fund Investors to Know Their Options

The hectic Chicago Board Options Exchange trading floor is not the only place hedge fund investors can learn about options.

Ah, the masters of the universe – hedge fund managers. They get paid to manage money often using complicated financial instruments or knowing a particular market better. One market that can seem more complicated than stocks and bonds is the options market. Investors can arm themselves with knowledge so they know what their managers are […]

Hedge Fund Manager Swoops in on Clobbered Netflix Shares

A hedge fund manager has pounced on battered Netflix stock

Hedge fund manager swoops in on clobbered netflix shares, reports John Jannarone at the Wall Street Journal Blogs. Whitney Tilson, hedge fund manager of T2 Partners, has $578,090,000 in AUM, or assets under management. When Netflix shares went on a tear throughout 2009, Tilson shorted the stock, having to take a loss when shares were […]

Who Would Hedge Funds Vote For?

If the White House's job was up for election, who would hedge funds vote for?

If the election were held today, President Obama against Mitt Romney, who would hedge funds vote for? Bloomberg TV addressed the question with a simple answer. President Obama has distanced himself from his big Wall Street donors. Some of those include hedge fund managers who have actively turned to supporting the Republicans. So, who would […]

Hedge Fund Managers Say Global Macro Strategies Will Outshine in 2012

Of eighteen competing strategies, hedge fund managers chose global macro have the highest returns next year, reported Mia Lamar in Dow Jones Newswires this morning. She reported that hedge fund mangers say global macro strategies will outshine in 2012.  “They continue to see Brazil, China and India as the most rewarding regions for investing, […]