October 14, 2019

It Takes a Village to Raise a Portfolio Return

The Green Mountains, the location of Ted Cronin's unique family office

George Soros recently turned his hedge fund into a family office. One reason he did is because family offices are often more free to run their businesses with a greater degree of freedom. Less oversight means more discretion in investment decisions. Barron’s Alexander Eule asks Ted Cronin for his best advice for families heading into […]

The Black Swan Swims with the Fishes

The Godfather

When one of the most successful hedge fund managers blows up, the investment world takes notice. Victor Niederhoffer is one of the legends of Wall Street but had two funds completely collapse. Even today, with the recent $2 billion loss by J.P. Morgan, the focus is on risk management. That’s where Nassim Taleb comes in. […]

It’s Time for Hedge Fund Investors to Know Their Options

The hectic Chicago Board Options Exchange trading floor is not the only place hedge fund investors can learn about options.

Ah, the masters of the universe – hedge fund managers. They get paid to manage money often using complicated financial instruments or knowing a particular market better. One market that can seem more complicated than stocks and bonds is the options market. Investors can arm themselves with knowledge so they know what their managers are […]

At Goldman Sachs, The Real Money May Be in Seeding Hedge Funds

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs's CEO and risk management expert, has found seeding hedge funds a safe alternative to internal funds

Goldman Sachs’s approach to hedge funds is changing. Liz Rappaport reports in the The Wall Street Journal that the firm is shifting its focus from its internal Goldman Sachs Asset Management, or GSAM, hedge funds and towards investing in new start-ups. Everyone knows great-performing hedge funds reap tremendous profits for its principals and many investment […]

Madoff Suit Tossed Against Hedge Fund Feeder

Madoff Suit Tossed against hedge fund feeder

A district judge had a Madoff suit tossed against hedge fund feeder firms for Bernard L. Madoff Securities. In a ruling this week, Federal Judge Deborah Batts, dismissed suits against J. Ezra Merkin, the hedge fund manager who funneled investments to Bernie Madoff. Investors in Merkin’s hedge funds, Ascot Partners LP, Gabriel Partners LP and […]

Carlyle Buys Tracking Software Firm on the Heels of UBS Trading Scandal

The NYC-based Carlyle Group is buying a tracking software firm on the heels of a UBS trading scandal.

Carlyle buys tracking software firm on the heels of UBS trading scandal, reports Maija Palmer at The Financial Times. The software company, ITRS, provides trading firms with oversight of its trades and risk management. The Carlyle Group is a private equity firm with $153 billion under management. Aside from purchasing companies, the firm also has […]