October 14, 2019

Malaysia Airlines: You’ll Find More Success Flying a Magic Carpet Singing, “Icahn Show You the World…”

Malaysian Airlines in the early years

The Malaysian airline disappearance is dominating the headlines. Where is that plane, anyway? Well, perhaps the airline company and others can take a cue from the growing trend of successful activist investors’ results. Carl Icahn is the most notorious of the bunch and has the track record to back up his requests. If he had […]

Hedge Fund Titans Bill Ackman vs. Daniel Loeb, Round 2

Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Pattersson 1959

Call it Hedge Fund Titans Bill Ackman vs. Daniel Loeb, Round 2. The two managers are squaring off publicly over a stock, Herbalife (HLF). Juliet Chung at The Wall Street Journal explains the feud. Mr. Loeb’s hedge fund disclosed Wednesday it owns an 8.2% stake now valued at $350 million in nutrition-supplements company Herbalife Ltd. […]

Apple Juices Up the Gains of the Biggest Hedge Funds

Apple's inclusion in the biggest hedge funds's basket of stocks has juiced up their returns.

The stock market is on a tear since the beginning of the year. Apple has dominated the headlines by trouncing Wall Street estimates. Its stock has risen 34% in 2012 increasing its market capitalization to over $500 billion. Fortunately for hedge fund managers, Apple makes up some of their biggest stock holdings. Stephen Taub of […]